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Project and Task Management

After watching a short 2 min video, it dawned on me that I can make better use of my time if I pre-planned in detail most of my hobby projects.
A lot of what is mentioned in that video I felt applies to me, so I’m going to make an effort to streamline how I approach my hobbies.
Often when I have some energy to tackle a task in the evening, I am am grasping at straws for what to do mainly because I don’t know where to start or which project to work on… and for the most part this turns into procrastination. A little bit of youtube, a little bit of facebook… and the night is wasted.

I am going to pre-plan all the tasks I need to accomplish for all/most my hobby projects going on at the moment. The hope is that when I have 15 or 30min available, I can just pick up a short task, and complete it without having to look at the big picture (in the moment). Just get the task done and move on.

To Do list

– Fix bike front brake

– Buy light bulbs : some 60wat bulbs for master bathroom, and some globe light bulbs for E’s bathroom
– Fix caulking in living room crown molding.
Fix shower door

– Write FileServer interface (similar to openfiler) using webmin as a base.
– Playlist manager plugin for wordpress.
– submission website
– Update “Discogs album release” plugin
– Update “Multi-RSS Digest Plugin”

– Sort through Kinekit 4 photos
– Make photo book from Kinetik 4 photos
Make a 468×60 banners for Edwin

Kinetik preparations

Preparations for the music festival: a list of what I should pack, and take with me.

Photo gear equipment:
– Camera (+backup)
– charge all batteries (AA and camera batteries)
– clean all lenses
– tripod :make sure all parts are there.

– rain coat
– hiking boots
– assortment of clothing

get 250gig drive cleaned out, got a new 500gig and formated.
– take cable to tether phone to laptop (USB to microUSB)
– install Bibble on computer

– earplugs
– advil
– pepto-bismol pills
– Cliff bars
– energy drink (buy in MTL)
– Allergy medication
– nail clippers
– bathroom supplies (soap, shampoo, q-tips, toothbrush, tooth paste)

– laptop + charger+cables + USB drive (to format)
– water bottle
– snacks (fruit, crackers)


Things to keep in mind while shooting:
– remember the 1/focal length rule. So for the 85mm lens, shoot at 1/125, the 135mm lens shoot at 1/150 -1/200. Up the ISO to get the shutter speed required. Better to have a sharp noisier image, then a blurred cleaner image.
– camera AF on AI Servo, Spot metering, use only the center AF point.

Things fix/finish around the house

caulking in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom
replace burnt bulbs throughout the house
– fix trim in kitchen and dispose of it
– sand and paint radiator covers
–> need to buy some paintbrushes
– finish front step (apply the product to the right side)
–>now need work on smaller areas that require attention.
–> Need to find another product (garage floor paint?) to cover up the steps.
– stain coat rack in front hall
– frost front bedroom window
– frost baby bedroom window above change table

– finish master bedroom -> closet, paint, baseboards, fix hole
– finish basement fireplace surround
– put up suspended ceiling in basement
–>need 20+20 cross Tees, and 5 wall railings. Total sq.footage is 360 sq-ft.
–> install panels.
– paint railing in front of house
– get a latch for the door to the furnace room
– install an ethernet connection to the spare bedroom.

To do list

In no particular order:

– Get the office section of the basement sorted out.

– the Traction Control module for Rod.

– measure power draw of file server computer (all computers?) over several days/weeks

get the CARPC finalized

Get caught up with the pictures sorting.

move the emails back to the Spa computer

Planning for a new web-based password management system

This is just a brain-storming session to get ideas down:

– Category system. (ie. web hosts, online banking, forums…)
– encrypt all info in database, except ID
– when viewing data, only show password when cursor is passed over the line.

Two tables: One is a table of categories and another table is a password table.
Category table:
ID, category name, category desc

Password table;
ID, host, login, password, comments

For the data encyption in the database, hardcode in the PHP code a passkey that is used to encode and decode the data.

Ok That is a bad idea. The data is sent in plain text between the browser and the server php code, so anyone listening can grab the text easily…
Going to do the encryption/decryption in javascript, on the browser, so all the data sent back to server, and then to browser is encrypted.
This is trickier to do (for my skill level) but will try it out.

On third thought, I will stick with the first option. Much easier to implement. As long as one can establish a SSL connection to the site, encryption is not a problem.
In the interest of getting the project started, I will take the easy way out, and maybe in a later version implement the more secure method of encrypting/decrypting the data in the browser.

This needs a name too… WPM (Web Password Manager)??