Back in 2001 I took some performance driving courses after I had an encounter with a curb and figured out that I knew very little about how a car behaves (vehicle dynamics).
After taking all the courses the school offered, in 2002 I started my path down being a performance driving instructor myself with the ILR Car Control School.
We coach students on how to have fun while being safe on the race tracks in the area as well as how to avoid collisions, drive on snow and ice and much more.
Over the years I have had the fortune to teach many awesome students and from time to time drive some of their awesome (at least more awesome then mine) cars.
I have learned a lot about human psychology and how to communicate effectively. I learned to¬†how to listen to them when they’re asking for help, and I earned how to take control of both the person and the vehicle if the situation requires it.

In the mid to late 2000s I participated in both Autoslalom events as well as track lapping and competitions at a grassroots level.
All the modifications I had done to the car were new sets of sticky tires and a set of decent brake pads. Any more then that and it starts to get pricey in order to stay competitive. I
Though my attendance to any competitions has dies down significantly since my daughter was born.
The occasional go-karting also draws me out to enjoy some speed.

Lapping still happens when we instruct at a race track and am happy to be able to do so.