Total wellbeing medical spa : Additions/ideas

Meeting with Jason for the past few times has inspired me to get back into writing code. More importantly writing code differently. Writing better code.

So I’m going back to the Spa website to continue the work on that site.

Image selection:

This is a biggie. Many things need to be added for this seemingly simple feature to work.
– Need to be able to upload images: either send a file from local computer, or snag an image file from a URL.
– Then need to save the file to disk, and index it in the DB. New table is required. Table keeps track of image name, and ID.
– In the site editor page (in the options side) give the option to choose from a drop down list, an image, and select it’s alignment within the text (left, or right)

Every item that has a special associated with it, will get a bright star that says SPECIAL PRICE AVAILABLE, and clicking it will take you to the specials page to the specific item.

For admin, Use the exact same template as the mail site, but just add a few extra links like “edit” and X, up arrow, down arrow.
When moving the mouse between the items, the item area should highlight; maybe a border? And when the individual sections within an item are hovered over, they also highlight. When clicked, a text box appears to allow you to edit the text for that item…


Make the “Join the Mailing List” popup look like the “Request an appointment” popup, both visually, as well as in the code. Also add some styles to the test displayed in those popups.

– Modify the “Request an appointment” and “Join Mailing List” to look more like the demo on this page.

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