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Improv 201 class 8

Skipped to class 8. Class 6 was a hybrid class with a 101 class since we and they had very few people, we joined the classes together.

Class 7 I did not attend.

Class 8.

I realized on thing during this class. I think the reason I enjoy improv is because it is an outlet for me to express extremes of emotion. I’m pretty laid back, which means only subtle variations of emotions get expressed. Improv not only allows but to a point encourages the display/use of extreme levels of emotion.

Learned the Harold pattern. Group, 1A, 2A, 3A, Group, 1B, 2B, 3B Group, 1C, 2C, 3C. And got a chance to put on 20-ish min ‘shows’ to get a feel how quick time passes. It didn’t seem like a big deal to do a Harold: time flew by.

Improv 201 class 5

Commit to your point of view. It not only helps you, but it helps the others.
Saying no in a scene; you can say no in a scene, as long as you commit to it.
Yes and… make sure you ‘yes and…’ the same character, even if he’s the guy that says no.

Before you tag someone out,  make sure you understand the existing interaction (the game), not just one character’s POV.
When tagging in, make the interaction obvious; put words in the other’s mouth with you first statement; it helps define the scene for both of you.
LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. Listen to what you are saying and how it affects and adds to the scene, and really listen to what the other person is saying.
It’s not about adding more stuff to a scene. It’s about the interaction. That’s what needs heightening, not the where or what. It’s the who, and their relationship.

Improv 201 class 4

Make connections: how do the things connect?

Why is the other person saying what they are saying? What do they want from the interaction? Work with the answers to those questions to build on for the scene.

Don’t try to solve the problem (when a problem is presented). It’s more interesting to escalate the interaction then provide solutions.

Improv 201 class 3

Instead off listening, look more.
Look at the other peoples body language. Look at the tone on their voice. Look at what they are doing to get a better feel off what they are, or what their point of view is.

Just get out there. Force itself to go up even when you have no ideas, and act on whatever comes to mind first.

At the same time, come out with a point of view. Don’t come out neutral.

Improv 201, class 2

Don’t drop it. Whatever you come into a scene with, stick with it. Don’t change your mind.
Decide how you feel about the other person before the scene begins.
You can disagree, but go along with the scene.
If this, then what else. When something weird is said/done, what else could be weird. Be attntive for those ‘if this then what else’ moments.
Game of the scene – define it.