Kinetik preparations

Preparations for the music festival: a list of what I should pack, and take with me.

Photo gear equipment:
– Camera (+backup)
– charge all batteries (AA and camera batteries)
– clean all lenses
– tripod :make sure all parts are there.

– rain coat
– hiking boots
– assortment of clothing

get 250gig drive cleaned out, got a new 500gig and formated.
– take cable to tether phone to laptop (USB to microUSB)
– install Bibble on computer

– earplugs
– advil
– pepto-bismol pills
– Cliff bars
– energy drink (buy in MTL)
– Allergy medication
– nail clippers
– bathroom supplies (soap, shampoo, q-tips, toothbrush, tooth paste)

– laptop + charger+cables + USB drive (to format)
– water bottle
– snacks (fruit, crackers)


Things to keep in mind while shooting:
– remember the 1/focal length rule. So for the 85mm lens, shoot at 1/125, the 135mm lens shoot at 1/150 -1/200. Up the ISO to get the shutter speed required. Better to have a sharp noisier image, then a blurred cleaner image.
– camera AF on AI Servo, Spot metering, use only the center AF point.

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