Photography Projects

I’ve always had a passion for photography, but it was time consuming and results were slow back in the film days. In 2005 I bought my first DSLR (Canon EOS 300D/Digital Rebel) and moved through numerous generations of ASP-C and full frame cameras over the years.

My daughter’s birth stirred a flurry of photography action with a “365 days of my daughter” project attempting to capture one photo of her a day.

The second wave of photography inspiration hit around 2009 when I brought my camera to a live music concert in an attempt to capture artists in their craft. Up to this day I still enjoy bringing my camera to concerts at local events to capture the feeling of being there.
Since 2011 I’ve traveled to numerous music festivals and have published documentary style photo books (available for purchase on Amazon; just search for Adrian Onsen) containing images and text of artists performing.
So far I have 8 published books.

My current photographic interests revolve around capturing people ranging from portraiture, event photography, occasional wedding and live music.

My photography related blog at Onsendesigns Photography showcases some of my work along with articles I’ve written over the years on equipment I use, techniques that I employ and events that I attend.
For a more up to date portfolio of photographs you can view my facebook page at Onsendesigns Photography.

Current photo endeavors:

My semi-professional blog/gallery can be accessed at Onsendesigns Photography

Location of current personal photo gallery: Adrian’s Photo Photo Gallery


Past photo endeavors:

Older photo albums/trip journals:

WestOnsen Colorado-Utah 2003

Algonquin Park 2001

Om Festival 2001

Mt. Tremblant 2001

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