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Multizone Heating

I’d like to set something up for my home to better/more evenly control the temperature distribution between all my rooms.

Gear to get for new home


One LCD screen for the laptop. (Look for sales)
One set of computer speakers for laptop. (Plenty of systems at CanadaComputers)
SSD HD for the desktop machine.
Desks. deeper – these desks? with filing cabinet

Home theater

Ceiling mount.
Cabinet for audio equipment. Thinking of a laundry/kitchen cabinet with 2 shelves. No doors?
One keyboard for the HTPC computer. Maybe a wireless one?

Server cabinet

1 TB drive for the UnRaid server machine.
Think about how to improve drive performance on the xenserver machine. Dual drives in RAID 0? SSD?


Keyboard for the laptops in workshop, since their keyboards are broken.
Would also need a 2.5″ HD : Need to check on that one: The Acer machine has a HD, but could use a spare 2.5″ HD.
Chair for workshop table.


Air compressor. Canadian tire?

Home multi room audio system

Xantech 4 source, 4 zones kit from smart home – ORDERED
Speakers 3 pairs – AARTech Canada – Need to check attic, and see what brackets/boxes are installed in the ceiling. Will they take a 6.5″ speaker or only a 5.25″ speaker? : Checked ceiling. Box is huge. I went with the 6.5″ speaker. – ORDERED