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Kaiser (Tilt) Radios

Radios I’ve tried: – Came with the AT&T WM6.1 OS. – Latest Kaiser OS. Reception seems crappy. Missed a call at work, and in the basement reception was poor while talking tonight. – Recommended to work well on Rogers and WM6.1. Installed 09March09. Next morning the battery was 1/2 drained. – Recommended to work well on Rogers and WM6.1. Installed 10March09.

Ran for a couple of days, but it seemed like it would disconnect from the network, and take forever to regain a signal. And when it did regain it, it was full strength… weird.

Battery life didn’t seem to improve much. It improved much more once I turned off the Exchange sync which was set to automatic.

So on 13 March,  I went back to  It seems dislike not being connected to a 3G network. If I turn off 3G in the Comm Manager, it just searches for network…

Mobile data usage

Feb01 – Updated the weather

Feb02 – Updated the weather, added the gmail account to the phone. Dowloaded 6 messages

Fef04 0 Updated weather, and updated email account (2 emails)

30March09 – Synced the Android contacts and calendar

31March09 – Synced the Android contacts and calendar

PPC Software Upgrade to WM6.1

I installed Binky’s 3.4 ROM today.
Comparing this install to the K’s Rom 1.31 Lite I had previously on the device, it looks better. More memory available for program and Storage.
Storage: Total 70.98MB, in use 3.07MB, Free 67.91. Program:Total: 48.68, In use: 21.48, Free: 27.2MB.
After installing Point UI 1.51a,
Storage: Total 70.98MB, in use 5.28MB, Free 65.70. Program:Total: 48.68, In use: 24.52, Free: 24.16MB.
So after PointUI installed and running, I am only loosing 3MB. Much better then the 6MB lost in my last setup.

So far, both PointUI (with the PointUI optimized font rendering on) is much much faster. Also (I guess due to WM6.1) applications take less time to launch.
Overall, certainly an improvement.