Hardware Projects

I love to design, build and tinker. Below is a list of projects I’ve completed or currently working on.


  • The latest prorotyping effort has been in numerous evolutions of a DSLR AF Assist tool I’ve been designing and testing over the years. There’s a new version that I’ve been using for the past couple of years which uses a 3d printed case and custom designed pcb which handles the light source.
  • Another recent project is a snoot for my camera flashed to shape the light coming out of the flash with more control.
  • Various testing fixtures. This one to test some beveled gears that I printed for a 3d printed snow blower project.
  • Design and optimization of quadrotor frames for weight and strength using carbon fiber tubes and minimal 3d printed components.
  • DSLR sized gimbal for use with time lapse photography
  • Reverse engineering of existing corless drill battery pack and redesign to house larger LiPo batteries.
  • electronic design of battery adapters, LED drivers, fan speed controllers, improvements and modifications to both CNC mill and router (spindle speeds, limit switches,
  • various small 3d printed adapters, tool handles, ..

RC aircraft

In the mid 1990s I was part of the SAE Air Cargo heavy lift RC airplane competition in which I participated for several years building RC airplanes for the competition while studying aerospace engineering.

Outside of that I built several fiberglass/foam core nitro engine RC airplanes in the early 2000s.

I took a break from RC stuff for a few years and in late 2000s I got really interested in multi rotor crafts. While everyone was using fixed pitch props and speed control to vary thrust at each rotor, I wanted to experiment with variable pitch helicopter blades. Larger blades are more efficient and the thrust can be adjusted much quicker by changing the pitch then the speed of the motor. Over the course of many months my progress of building and testing fixtures to determine if this was even feasible is documented on RCGroups forum at Variable pitch multi-rotor copter.
Then we moved and that project never got updated.

Built and piloted (with limited success) 450 sized helicopter kits from china. Maybe because they were from china the level of quality was prro which made for nearly impossibel flight characteristics.

Was contracted to improve flight characteristics on several toy fixed wing aircraft for SpinMaster toys.

In more recent times (2013) there was a resurgence of multirotor ideas. Since then I’ve scratch built several quad rotors of various sizes (225, 280, 450 size), built some kits and currently (early 2016) designing a 550 size carbon fiber frame quad rotor.

Experience with FPV and telemetry as well as APM, CC3D and openWii flight controllers.

Experience piloting fixed wing, quadrotor, and limited rc helicopters.


I’ve built a small workshop in my basement which allows me to do everything from fixing computers to build prototypes of various sizes (plastic and metal), RC craft build and assembly, electronics assembly and  troubleshooting, carpentry and casting (chocolate and resin casting).

Larger equipment in the shop:

  • CNC/Milling machine (G0704  manual milling machine converted by me to CNC-coolant enclosure design)
  • CNC router (designed and hand built)
  • Two 3D printers (One Up! Plus2 and one Cobblebot little Monster kickstarter Kit)
  • One NextEngine laser 3d Scanner
  • Sheet metal bending and cutting equipment (shear and brake)
  • Soldering workstation
  • Carpentry tools (saws, drills, hand tools)

Auto mods

I’m comfortable working on all the cars I’ve owned.

  • Simple oil changes to tire and brake swaps are common place.
  • Component swaps (alternator, water pump, spark plugs,
  • addition of car computer and touchscreen in the dashboard on a Cavalier in mid 2000s
  • tail lights LED conversion (using discrete leds on custom pcb to fit the lens shape)

House Renos

The biggest project in this category is the bungalow I renovated in south Toronto in the late 2000s. Every room of the house was touched, some more then others. The entire renovation was designed in CAD (yes, I’m a geek) and execute according to the design.
The CAD served the obvious purpose to plan the reno, but to also have some 3D visualization to show my wife.
The majority of the work was done only by me in the weekends and evenings, with occasional help. Systems that were touched included drywall, plumbing, electrical, carpentry…

  • The original kitchen was a dated, small 1950’s setup which was entirely torn apart, (to the studs) with a wall to the dining room taken out and a new open concept kitchen designed, assembled and installed. Everything was replaced.
  • Entire basement was replaced including walls, flooring and ceiling, New natural gas burning fireplace was installed, walls were taken down to join multiple rooms into larger areas inbuilt shelving units were built and new lighting was introduced everywhere.
    Living areas received new subfloors and laminate flooring,
  • The original basement bathroom was tiny, and it had a storage room which was ony accessible from that bathroom. Weird setup, I know.
    I designed a new larger bathroom that enlarged the bathroom into the adjacent storage room, moved plumbing in the concrete floor, installed a new jacuzzi bathtub, opened up the size of the window and put down tile (both on some walls and floor).
  • The main floor bathroom was designed by me but the construction was executed by hired help. This was one of the last rooms in the house to be renovated, and I was getting tired by this point of renovations.

Since then I’ve done the odd job in the houses owned afterwards, but have decided to outsource any laborious work so I can focus my attention to more interesting projects.