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Gmail app sync issues on android

I’ve been having some issues with the gmail app not syncing properly on my Nexus 4 phone lately.

Thought it was related to an OS update, but it turns out that it wasn’t.
It’s been happening to a lot of others and apparently google is investigating. In the mean time, this post’s description has solved my syncing problems (thanks Tracy):

Going from Sense 4.0 to vanilla ICS or Jelly Bean

No two ways about it. Sense 4 is very pretty. A lot of work has gone into first off integrating sense with the android core, and the apps it comes with (that integrate and use the sense framework) are unique.

That uniqueness of several apps is what’s been keeping me from going to a vanilla ICS or JB third party build.
The apps I would need to find an equivalent replacement for are:

– camera app: the sense camera does so many things, and does them really well. From HDR to pano to smile detection and even groups shots, I don’t think an app exists that rivals the Sense Camera app.

– car home app: the car mode app is very slick. It integrates well with the few apps that are pre-set up for it, but on the other hand, there is no customization. You get the apps that are pre-configured.

– app switcher: I really love the app/task switcher that comes with sense4.

Having written this, I find it suprizing  there’s only a few things that I’d be missing.