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Kinetik photo preparations

Want to sort out what I will be needing for the Kinetik festival this year in terms of camera gear.

The lineup calls for 7 bands per night (sometimes 6). 5 days worth of music.

Q – How much memory should I take with me.

A – Well, at the Combichrist show, I ended up with 21 gigs of photos for the 3 bands that played that night. That’s been a record for me for # of photos taken at a concert. So assuming 7 gigs per band (on average) and assuming 7 bands per night, I’ll need 49 gigs of memory. 3 cards of 16 gigs will give me 48 gigs of space, plus the 8 gig and the 4 gig cards I have, that means 60 gigs. More then enough.
I will buy 2 more 16 gig cards. I will buy a 32gig card instead of 2 x 16 gig cards from here.

UPDATE: Borrowing a couple of 32 gig memory cards from Ben.

Q – How much battery power will I need for the flash?

A – At a Neurodance event, where I use a lot of flash I will probably go through 2 sets of batteries in a 5 hour span, and I use the flash for nearly every shot (probably 300+ shots taken). The canon 580 manual states 100-700 shots can be taken on a set of 4 new AA batteries.
So assuming 200 shots per charge,  I’d say 3 sets should be sufficient. I will bring 4 sets (since I have them)
What I should also look at doing is making a portable battery pack (that will take say 4 packs of batteries) which would eliminate the need to change batteries throughout the night.

A- Seems the camera batteries are not holding much of a charge. Get a set of camera batteries too,

Q – What lenses to take.

A – That’s a tough question… maybe look at renting a lens (EF 135f2) for a week (it’s $75 for the week for the 135f2).
I don’t think I want to carry the large camera bag with me, and the smallest one may be too small. Will have to investigate.