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Trip Log, day 10 & 11 ; Fanshawe Lake

Day 10 (tuesday)

I had a hard time sleeping last night. I felt like I was awake quote a bit and could not fall asleep many times, though my sleep tracking app showed lots of deep sleep. Loosing faith in that sleep tracking app.


Fire and tea. Again.

It was quiet on the camp ground last night. In our area, there is only one other camp site that is occupied. Three young adults in tents.

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Trip Log, day 8 & 9 ; Fanshawe Lake

Day 8

Music is loved by our neighbors more this morning! Just minutes after 8am, the group camping site is breaking the morning silence with some music (from someone car) and singing. The music from the car stereo keeps going off and changing every couple of minutes. Sounds like they are searching for the right CD to wake everyone up with.


This morning we meet up with the locals at a public shelter on the campground for a pancake breakfast. Two pancakes, three sausages and OJ. Tasty. We got there just in time as there was talk of being nearly all out of pancake mix and minutes later the news that they were out of syrup also surfaced. Continue reading

Trip Log, day 6 & 7 ; Fanshawe Lake

Fanshawe Lake Conservation Area

Day 6 Continued

Set up camp at Fanshawe Lake Camp Ground was done by 17:00. Rain is moving in. We can hear thunder and the sky is darkening. Tarp goes up. It’s an automatic response by now. As luck would have it, there is a family 2 sites down with a girl of similar age to E. They begin their friendship by riding their bikes around the camp ground.

How easy they make friends.Proof-IMG_7137 While resting for a minute on our campsite the increasing roar of an airplane flying overhead becomes overly apparent. Of course. The London International Airport’s main runway 15/33 lines all the airplanes on their descent and takeoff glide path right over the camp ground. Oh well. Hope there’s not too many landing and takeoffs this coming week. Continue reading