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Exchanges and funds transfer methods

I haven’t seen this info anywhere so I thought I’d collect it.

Bitstamp accepts: (need to be verified for all deposits)
– SEPA (EU Bank)
– Wire Transfers
– BitCoin – Ripple
– AstroPay

Bitfinex accepts:
– Egopay

BTC-e accepts:
– US Bank Wire
– EU Bank Wire (SEPA)
– Visa
– Mastercard

Crypto Currency data tools

Just some links to tools for helping with investing BTC and other currencies.

Arbitrage tools – arbitrage tables – arbitrage suggestions/graphs – Arbitrage opportunities – How to arbitrage

Trading Bots and Reviews

Cooling solution

I’ve seen a lot of mining rig cooling solutions out there, but this takes the cake for ingenuity.
I will try this in the coming weeks as I think it’s the best design I’ve seen yet.

And another guy on taking the same approach

Mining MaxCoin

I’m going to dedicate 1/2 my computing power to mining MaxCoin.
I’ll need to be running SMOS 1.3 as it has implementation of the SHA3 algorithm in the cgminer-keccak miner.

Apparently SHA3 runs 30% cooler (the GPUs run 30% cooler) then the scrypt algorithm so that means less heat; the algorithm uses very little ram.

one of the more stable pools seems to be so I’m going to set that up.

Maybe the above pool is not a good idea. Read this:;all
Will start with this pool
lso signed up with the pool

Got a wallet address on Cryptsy- all set to mine.

Profitability calculator

Features to add to BAMT

BAMT is a great OS, but it has it’s issues. So far only BAMT 1.3 seems to give decent hash rates. Newer versions are slower at hashing, but have fixes implemented that which 1.3 doesn’t.
This is a list of fixes/features to add to my personal copies of BAMT1.3. Maybe even make an image so new USB sticks I make will have the same features baked in.

distributing hashing power to different pools

Some ideas to spread hashing power from one GPU to multiple pools.
– cgminer has the option to use the a different config file (-c option for config file) and one instance of cgminer can be started for each video card (using the -d option for device).
– One session of cgminer can be set up to load-balance to multiple pools based on percentage. See this post.

I would like to have separate display for each pool’s hash rate as well.


Components for future coin mining rigs

For smaller builds (4 cards and under) I will go with Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 ($90)

For larger builds (6 cards) I will go with a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 ($150) ($140 at NCIX until 15Jan2014)

Either build will get a Sempron 145 CPU ($45) and some cheap 4 Gig ram stick ($50)

GPU selection will be dictated by whatever good deals I can find. Preferred GPU is R9 290 (non x).

PSU selection is another thing since there are so many options and configurations. Some top brands talked about here.
XFX 750W is a well priced one at $90
Calculate PSU needed by using this online calculator. It was pretty close when I calculated my 4 GPU (r9 280x) mining rig running at full load. I was drawing from the wall 1030W and the calculator came up with  943*1.1 (1.1 is for 80Gold PSU) = 1037W.
According to the PSU calc online, a R9 280x sucks 218W, a R9 290 draws 230W and a R9 290x draws 280W.
The CPU (Sempron 145) and MoBo draw 68W at 50% load (lowest CPU utilization available in the calc). In reality it’s probably a little lower since the CPU is barely used.