Project and Task Management

After watching a short 2 min video, it dawned on me that I can make better use of my time if I pre-planned in detail most of my hobby projects.
A lot of what is mentioned in that video I felt applies to me, so I’m going to make an effort to streamline how I approach my hobbies.
Often when I have some energy to tackle a task in the evening, I am am grasping at straws for what to do mainly because I don’t know where to start or which project to work on… and for the most part this turns into procrastination. A little bit of youtube, a little bit of facebook… and the night is wasted.

I am going to pre-plan all the tasks I need to accomplish for all/most my hobby projects going on at the moment. The hope is that when I have 15 or 30min available, I can just pick up a short task, and complete it without having to look at the big picture (in the moment). Just get the task done and move on.

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