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Trip Log, day 5 & 6 ; Pinery Provincial Park

Day 5

Last night we had another thunderstorm. Came in around 1am and laster for a couple of hours. It was fierce. Lots of thunder and lightning, and intense rain. I got up at when the thunder got louder, and went outside to see if anything needed to be sheltered. A few things like camp chairs, firewood and some clothes were still outside and got moved to shelter. The bikes were locked to a tree, and didn’t bother moving them. One rain storm won’t hurt them.

The temp forecast was about 13 deg which made it comfortable to sleep in and the morning is still cool. First priority is to boil some water for tea. While that’s happening, second priority is to make a fire.

Ten minutes later, there’s few things better than enjoying a warm cup of tea by a warm fire.


Surprising few mosquitoes out at this campground. There have been a few, but the majority of flying insects consists of household flies. Continue reading

Trip Log, day 3 & 4 ; Pinery Provincial Park

Day 3

Made some pancakes this morning: half almond flour, half regular pancake mix and three eggs (instead of one). Protein rich! Added dried cranberries to some for some extra flavor. Topped breakfast of with some bacon and green tea.

Still overcast this morning with the sun peeking through the clouds from time to time. As the morning rolls into lunch time there is more blue sky and less cloud cover.

Ella Practicing her knitting

Ella practicing her knitting

Helen went out for a relaxing massage in town and our neighbors are hinting at a trip to the boat rental house. Sounds like a great idea. Cash only at the boat rental as the power is still out since Sunday night. We get ourselves a canoe and a 2 person kayak. Continue reading

Trip Log, day 1 & 2 ; Pinery Provincial Park

Pinery Provincial Park

Day 1 (sunday)

And were off. 10 am departure was nearly on schedule.

Ready to go!

The bikes were a new addition to the gear we normally bring camping. A new bike rack that slaps on the back of the car was all what was needed. Than and the fact that both mom and dad bikes needed wheels taking off so they would not interfere with the trailer tongue.

After a stop at my brother’s house for lunch, we proceeded to the Pinery Provincial park. Continue reading