The onset of a cold?

It’s been a while since I remember having a nasty cold and I’ve been attributing this to my supplements of Vitamin D. Same goes for the rest of my family which also takes Vitamin D supplements.
Recently there has been some cold virus going around where people have been quite ill and I thought I was spared. Maybe not?

I woke up this morning¬†with a bit of a sore throat and the feeling in my breathing that I get just before I come down with a cold. It’s a feeling in my lungs that I can’t really explain. When I breathe in the air passing into my lungs feels different just before the onset of a cold.
A few days ago (on friday) I was out to a concert which ran until 2am so I didn’t get to sleep till near 3am. The next morning I got up around 8am so only 5hrs of sleep.
For the next few nights (saturday, sunday and monday night) I felt really tired in the evenings. So tired in fact that I went to sleep around 8pm or 9pm each night. During the day I was fine and alert. I had a thought that maybe I was fighting something, but not having had any other symptoms, I didn’t quite know what to make of it. I thought I was just recuperating from sleep loss on friday night.
Other then the subtle sore throat and feeling in my lungs, I feel a little tired today with a very mild headache. More like just some pressure then an ache.
I haven’t stopped my daily Vitamin D supplements (5000IU) but I will continue to document how this cold progresses.

Saturday: Tired in the evening; went to sleep at 8pm
Sunday: Tired in the late afternoon/evening: went to sleep around 9pm
Monday: Tired in the afternoon even after my 2pm tea. Tired through the late afternoon and evening; went to sleep at 9pm
Tuesday: Woke up with a slight sore throat and the feeling I get in my lungs before the onset of a cold; also a little tired with a very mild headache.

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