RemoteFX for RDP-finally working

There’s still a bit of testing to be done, but I may have gotten where I’ve been wanting to get for a while now in terms of virtualizing an remote desktop. That is the ability to use the GPU to render remote desktop sessions. By default this setting is turned off in Windows, and for the longest time I thought I had do crazy things like install VMWare Horison, or Xen Desktop (XDH) or even windows server to enable RemoteFX (which is the windows version of the GPU accelerated desktop delivery).

All along, it was just a few setting away in regular windows itself to enable RemoteFX.

Optimizing RDP for casual use (Windows 7 SP1, RemoteFX)

Now running and playing on a remote desktop served by a virtual machine with a quadro 6000 gpu (well actually a modded gtx480 since it’s way cheaper then a real quadro 6000) in full HD.

Some testing is in order.
Bring on the heavy GPU use software!

What works so far:
– Full screen, full HD (1920×1080 video playback)


What doesn’t work so far:

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