Resurrecting my old Amiga 4000 (currently not working)

Got my old Amiga 4000 out of storage at my parent’s place and decided to relive the glory days.
I still remember the great times I had with all the amigas I had owned. Starting with an Amoga 1000, then an Amiga 500, then an Amiga 2000 and finally an Amiga 4000. A few years after getting the A4000, I even remember dropping another $1000 on a Cyberstorm MKII 68060/50 Mhz accelerator card.
It must have been nearly 20 years since I powered up this machine.

Well on first powerup, it didn’t work. The VGA monitor I had kicking around immediately stated that the frequency was out of range. Ahhh yes, the RGB output from the Amiga was scanning at around 15Khz and no monitors these days scan that low… Lucky I was able to borrow a scan doubler from a friend at work.

Now with the scan doubler attached, still no worky. There’s no video output.
Opening up the case, and doing a closer inspection of the interior revealed a bunch a leaky electrolytic capacitors.
Time to go shopping and replace those caps.



More to come as I complete this revival.

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