Trip Log, day 12 & 13 ; Fanshawe Lake

Day 12

It was quiet last night. No raccoons issues, no loud neighbors, no people staying up late.
Got a good nights sleep again.

The morning was cool and a fire and tea was welcome.IMG_20140808_085854

Gone on another ride around the lake with H. Today the ride direction around the lake was counter clock wise. Yesterday it was clockwise. It changes everyday and ensure everyone is riding in the same direction. There are quite a few blind high speed corners which would be disastrous to meet someone coming the other direction.


Left just after 9:30 and I was worried I would not make it to meet my lunch date at noon.

At the beginning of the ride I could still feel sore from yesterday. Legs were burning a little as the lactic acid was pushed through. As the ride progressed, I felt better. I was really enjoying the trail. The fast flowing sections were a delight to ride through. The pain and soreness was replaced with energy (at least in short bursts) and a feeling of joy to be riding again. It felt really good, though I kept having to remind myself to not worry about what time we were going to finish the ride, and just enjoy it n the moment. Let go of the outcome and focus on the next piece of trail up ahead. The riding is always better when the only focus is on negotiating the section of trail that is coming up. Each time the mind wanders, I would take away from the enjoyment of the moment.

A shower and then off to meet the Diamond aircraft crowd. It was good to catch up with them and get some dirt on what is goings on.

Booked hotel and concert tickets for the music festival in late September. Flight was booked a few nights ago. All set now.

Back at the campsite, our raccoon mischief neighbor comes over asking if we had an Axe. We lent him our Axe and when he returned it, he stayed to chat. For over an hour. At first it was cool, but he keep on talking and felt like he was not going to leave so Helen and I started busying ourselves until over an hour later later he wandered away. Nice guy but clearly with some issues.

Out for dinner fur some pulled pork and then a quiet night by the fire. Got a few more French lessons done by the fire side.

Day 13 Friday

It was cool last night and sleep well. Very quiet and dark.
Made the typical for and tea first thing and burned all the wood.


After breakfast we set out for our last ride of Fanshawe lake at around 10am.

The first few km were punishing as we were getting warmed up. After that everything flowed nicely. The trick was to maintain looking ahead at the trail and spend as little time looking right if front of the bike as possible. Of the past few rides, today felt the best for me. When everything clicked, it was very enjoyable to flow through the trees with branches, bushes and trees zipping by only inches away. Every slight downhill I would pedal hard to pick up speed and ride through the corners leaning and flowing through the trail.  After the first half of the ride I started to notice I could not sustain a hard pedal for very long. It was still enjoyable even though I could only sustain bursts of power.

After the next quarter, the bursts of power were getting shorter and shorter and my ability to maintain a state of ‘in the zone’ was getting harder. Getting sloppier. Almost flew over the handlebars twice.

On the last 5km (last quarter) every hill would make my legs burn… By the end, even the smallest hills would result in the burning feeling.

Now back at the site, the neck is sore, hands are sore and legs are…. Yes, sore also. It was a great ride though.

After having a snack, we packed up the trailer and out belongings and headed into town for lunch and then onto Komoka to pick up E from camp.
When we arrived she was ecstatic to see us. She had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go again. Sadly it will be a whole year away until the next visit.

After stopping for dinner on the road, we made it back in Toronto around 7pm.

Great trip, but I’m ready to be home again.

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