Trip Log, day 10 & 11 ; Fanshawe Lake

Day 10 (tuesday)

I had a hard time sleeping last night. I felt like I was awake quote a bit and could not fall asleep many times, though my sleep tracking app showed lots of deep sleep. Loosing faith in that sleep tracking app.


Fire and tea. Again.

It was quiet on the camp ground last night. In our area, there is only one other camp site that is occupied. Three young adults in tents.

That silence was broken last night by what could only be raccoons. On many occasions throughout the night you could hear the occupants of that site ‘shoo-ing’ and trying to share away animals. We had hung up our garbage for the past few nights so there was morning of interest on our site. I’m guessing they must have had more food sitting around.

Even around 3am there after sounds coming from that site. Poor guys.


This morning woke up and preceded to make some tea and start a fire, but wait… there is no propane left? Looked at the gage on the tank it read empty. After quickly changing out of my PJs moved the propane tank in the car and drive to a nearby gas station  that also fills propane. This is the same gas station I used to get our propane tanks filled when we lived in London, so I instantly knew where to go this morning.

25min later we are back on schedule.

Thundershowers forecasted for today. Big surprise. It feels like we’ve been going from storm to storm this holiday. I hope we don’t get too much rain, as the bike trail around the lake gets muddy and riding fun factor decreases for me.

H took E to the gym’s child caring program while H gets her workout, and I’m at the trailer. Do the dishes then some language courses on this cool and rainy morning then set up some lunch.


One lunch was out of the way, E got a couple of bins filled with clothes and around 3pm we headed off to her camp.


Ella’s bunk

Arrived at 3:45 and there was a line up of cars. Gates opened at 4.Very limited parking means cars/kids only go in at a rate of what the parking can support.


Saying goodbyes

Camp looked lovely. Got E registered and settled into her cabin, and meet her cabin counselor Sunny. Twelve little girls will fill up the cabin and live together for the next 4 days and 3 nights.

Afterwards, since H was meeting as friend for an early dinner downtown we decided to meet up after her meet and go for a movie. I meditated in Victoria Park in downtown london and walked the downtown strip while H was meeting her friend.

At 7:30 we watched Guardians Of the Galaxy at a local theater, after which we returned to put trailer. Funny movie.

 Day 11

The neighbors had trouble with the raccoons again. The 3 of them were up laughing and talking quite late and then even later the raccoons came out. I seem to remember waking up on a couple of occasions because of the guy was getting angry at the raccoons and yelling at them. There was a time when one of his friends mentioned he should throw the marshmallows away, and I think he did. Another time later I recall a similar incident but this time him getting rid of crackers from his tent by tossing them away from they site. Today we are buying eat plugs.

Otherwise this morning looks glorious.
As it rained yesterday and last night, our fire pit is now a swimming hole. Fire shifted by 1m until the water drains.

The sun is shining (hope the bike trails dry up quickly, though I fear this doesn’t happen in a matter of hours) and it’s a nice temperature outside. Surprisingly there are almost no bugs out this morning. Hope this lasts for the rest of the trip.
Saw a torn marshmallow pack of an adjacent site.I guess that’s where it landed when tossed last night.

Time for a ride around the lake.Proof-IMG_7152

The trail wasn’t too muddy considering it rained pretty heavily yesterday. A few spots were quite messy but overall not much of a nuisance. H got a little muddier than I.

Total ride time was 1hr 41min and we skipped a section near the middle of the road section. By the last 5km of the trail I was done. My legs were burning when on the mildest of inclines. Overall a good ride though.

After the ride, Walking to the showers felt like I was moving at a snail pace since only minutes ago I was zipping between trees are break neck speeds.

On the way back from her shower, H briefly talked to the neighbors about their reason incident last night. They mentioned they tried to put spices on the foods to piss off the raccoons. Brilliant, I thought.


Had lunch when we got back, showered and went into town for some supplies for the last few days stay.

On the way back we noticed that another 3 or 4 sites had been populated in our area. At least now if we complain about the noise it won’t be obvious that it’s us complaining.

When we got back a fire was in order as it is every night. Enjoyed some 12 year old rum by the cracking of the wood and heat of the flames.IMG_20140806_153908

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