Improv 201 class 5

Commit to your point of view. It not only helps you, but it helps the others.
Saying no in a scene; you can say no in a scene, as long as you commit to it.
Yes and… make sure you ‘yes and…’ the same character, even if he’s the guy that says no.

Before you tag someone out,  make sure you understand the existing interaction (the game), not just one character’s POV.
When tagging in, make the interaction obvious; put words in the other’s mouth with you first statement; it helps define the scene for both of you.
LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. Listen to what you are saying and how it affects and adds to the scene, and really listen to what the other person is saying.
It’s not about adding more stuff to a scene. It’s about the interaction. That’s what needs heightening, not the where or what. It’s the who, and their relationship.

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