Audio offset in Sony Vegas Video

Editing some video in Sony Vegas Video I noticed that some of the footage has out of sync audio with it.
I don’t know where this sync problem initiated (as the original footage is in perfect sync) but it’s there. I usually convert the MOV file to an AVI and then run it through a video stabilization software before using the footage, so anywhere along that path the probem could have arisen.

Anyway, the solution in Vegas is to ungroup the video and audio tracks, and shift the audio track to the right by 3 frames. With most video footage this is not noticeable, but when viewing a musical performance, the slight shift is very noticeable (at least to me). The vocalist’s mouth movement seen slightly off and the drummer looks not in sync.

When the final movie is rendered, there is no delay (using original footage) problem only seems to occur when previewing within Vegas Video

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