Quadcopter frame rebuild

The Turnigy micro quad V2 I bought from hobbyking was great for the first little while. Then with each crash more and more parts of the frame kept breaking despite my constant reinforcing of the frame after each crash.
So a few months ago I got to a point where patching up splintered frame made no sense anymore.
So I designed my own frame and 3d printed it.




The white frame is the original frame that came with the quad and weighs 44g. The red frame is the new 3d printed frame and it’s a little heavier at 58g. Only 14g heavier.

So far I’ve flown the new frame for maybe 5 hours and crashed it more times I can count. A good number of crashes are hard landings on grass (so not very stressful top the frame) and another good number of crashes have been quite hard. Amazing into the fence from 10ft, of into the side of my house, or the tree in the back yard, or onto patio stones.
This new frame has takes A LOT of beating with no I’ll effect. Hard landings will break props (I have another bunch coming as I’m running out) but otherwise I’m surprised that everything seems to continue to work.

I’m actually thinking of refining the frame and making it lighter side it’s obviously too strong. It could end up lighter then the original frame if I design it right.

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