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Variable Pitch Quad rotor cont’d

I got searching the other night for ideas on bulding a VP quad again.

One of the issues i had last time was finding a decent pitch slider mechanism. Well I found a few reasonably priced:

It seems the align trex500 heli pitch slider p/n is either h50189 or H50190. Should find out what the difference between them is.

AF Assist v5 – optics

Since I will be using off the shelf parts for the IR emitter (LED), I need to somehow focus the wide 100deg or 120deg light given off by the emitter.
The light wavelength I’m looking for is in the low 700 nm range as measured from two Canon flash units.

I’ve found an IR emitter that puts out more then enough light at 730nm (1080-1293-1-ND from Digikey).
To focus the light in a tight beam, I just ordered some parts from Newark.

The lenses are




I’m hoping one of these small lens with enclosures will do the trick.
Will post more once I get them and try them out.

The light out of the bare LED is way to wide, and these lenses should focus the light to a tight 10-16deg beam.

AF Assistant v5.0 – First look

It’s been a while since I posted an update on this project. Life gets in the way sometimes, but I’m back at it now.
The previous design enclosure that fits under the camera has been abandoned mainly because it makes holding the camera a little awkward. Especially when using some longer lenses when I need my left hand to grasp the lens itself the AF Assistant would not only get blocked (by my hand) but also make holding the lens a little weird. Continue reading

250 Mini Quadcopter evolution


Crashed and broken

The current incarnation of my mini quad.
This quad started off as a Turnigy Micro quad V2 from HobbyKing. Being my first quad, I crashed that frame more times then I can count and fixing it became increasingly more difficult. The original frame has many weak spots in the frame design, and breaking it is just a matter of time (if you crash a lot). I never had a chance to properly tune the KK2 controller board, hence the ample crashing in my back yard. 🙂 Continue reading

Catia CNC

Looking to find out how to setup up Catia to output to Mach3 :–66288.html

Options>Machining>Output tab.
Under Post Processor choose ICAM.

When setting up the Machine, in the Numerical Control tab, choose “fanuc_16m_mil3” for Post Processor and choose “ICAM_mm.pptable” for words table.

UPDATE: The above cuts the code to 300 lines as the ICAM processor is only a demo (I think)
I had success with the following:
Options>Machining>Output tab.
Under Post Processor choose IMS

When setting up the Machine, in the Numerical Contril tab, choose “fanuc0.lib” and Post Processor and choose “IMSPPCC_MILL.pptable” for words table. For the NC data type dropdown, choose ISO.
The Controller Emulator should be at the default of “cardemo_fidia.ce”

Following these videos gave me enough info to sucessfully cut some wood. All programmed in CATIA.

And there’s this series (about 10 hours) of training video on how to use CATIA Advanced Machining module. Very informative.

How to setup and build the CNC machine (with kinematics) for the NC Machine Simulation