FormFutura HDglass

A project I’m working on required some clear pieces, so I purchased some HDglass from FormFutura as I heard good things about the plastic’s transparency. This is a PETG plastic so use appropriate guidelines when printing it.

The recommended printing temperature range is 195-225 deg C. The box says nothing about bed temperature or fan setting, so I modified my PLA setting to adjust the temperature and went on printing.

First part I printed at 235 deg C. The detail was great, but the part felt very fragile. The inter-layer bonding was so weak that I could break apart the 3d printed part in my hands.

Thinking I went too high with the temp,  I next tried 205 degC. Same fragility. Part would disintegrate in my hands with very little force.

It turns out that PETG doesn’t like a fan (unlike PLA) so I proceeded to make another print at 225 deg C (the upper end of the recommended temp range) with a 10% fan setting however there was no noticeable difference in print

Next I decided to go much higher in temp and printed the part at 255 deg C, and the results were impressive. The clarity and transparency is much better then at the lower temperatures, and the part is now strong. It will not delaminate when it’s bent.

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