Virtual currencies – links for the interested

I found I needed to have one place to keep all my “virtual currency mining” links in one spot, hence this page. This page will be updated regularly.

First a list of all the crypto virtul currencies that exist out there. For each one, apage shows their exchange rate ( to BitCoins on whatever exchange they are traded on) and lists of mining pools.

A list of sites that compare the “profitability” of mining the virtual currencies out there. They don’t all seem to agree… must be something in how the “profitability” is calculated by each one.

Calculating profits for the near term hard. Long term; forget it. Not knowing the future value of the currency along with how quickly the difficulty will increase makes estimating future earnings a gamble.

This site lists the difficulty level expected in litecoins:

A great calculator (bitcoin version also available on the site) for profitability. Only calculator that I found which allows for a difficulty increment paramater in the equation:

 Mining hardware comparisons (mainly for scrypt hash)

Graphics card power consumption chart,4.html

Mining Pools

A list of pools


 Interesting hardware

 Guides to setup mining computers

Optimizing cgminer for optimal hash speeds

Flashing new BIOS firmwares on GPUs

Flow rate  calculations

SOLO mining

Paper Wallet Generator

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