Book publishing

Looking into finding cheaper services to print my Kinetik Festival photo books I came across CreateSpace.
I think at this point of my self publishing career, this service dots all the is and crosses all the t’s for me. There are some issues with ownership of the ISBN numbers they assign, (read here), but for the most part it looks very¬†promising.
With book printing prices as low as I’ve yet seen, an¬†enormous¬†distribution network (as it’s part of Amazon), and (from what I’ve read) decent quality printing, I don’t know why I would NOT go with them at least for the next photo book. I can always decide to move to a different service with future books.
I am even considering re-doing the K4 photo book into a new edition so I can print it with CreateSpace as the software I used limits you to using only their service to print the books.

Everything is printed on demand, shipped to the customer, and I get the royalties. Easy.

Talk about inDesign templates (here)

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