VMWare ESXi Vsphere

May try moving my Xenserver setup to Vsphere to allow me the option for PCI passthrough, which Xenserver doesn’t offer.

This is a great guide (for both hardware and installing) ESXi 5 and setting up UnRaid on it, which is what I plan on doing as well.

The case my current unraid server is in has more then enough space for more drives, (just need another drive tray) and I’d be good to go. I am already running out of ram in the current Xenserver system so to try and upgrade the DDR2 ram in that box would cost a lot of money. Probably as much as getting a new system built uing DDR3 ram (yes, it’s that much cheaper right now). As an example, I just upgraded my desktop machine and for the cost of getting 4gigs DDR2 ram, I got 8 gigs DDR3 ram + a new motherboard.

I’d probably want 16gigs of ram in the new system, (going from 8gigs in the xenserver box). I just need to choose components as apparently ESXi is a little more picky about hardware then XenServer (which seems to run on pretty much anything)

Some Links:

Building a ESXi 5.0 Whitebox Server


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