photo website update

I’ve updated my site a few times, but I’m still not happy with the way it’s setup. Initially I had a wordpress blog and ZPgallery as the gallery. I didn’t like that setup because while I made two themes to maintain the look between the blog and gallery, I didn’t want to be creating themes every time I wanted to change themes.

So I changed entirely to ZPgallery (which now has rudimentary blogging features thanx to ZPage)  in order to maintain only one theme, but I’m not happy with the the theme selection for ZPGallery.

So I’m thinking of changing things up again. Reinstall wordpress and ZP gallery. Showcase all the work in wordpress (there’s some nice photo-blog themes out there) and keep zpgallery as the backend which is not used to show anything, just serve up images.
Will setup this arrangement on a test server to see how it look.

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