Choosing a flash

I’ve been pondering what flashes to buy to use with my PW Flex/Mini system of wireless triggers.

Above all else, I want a flash with low RF interference with the PocketWizards TT5 system. Cost is the other quality. Prefer not to spend 580EX II money. HighSpeed Sync is the other requirement as I ‘d like to be able to shoot in bright daylight. Manual zoom head would also be nice.

I’ll go through the ‘other’ options first.

There is the Yongnuo YN-565, which has lots of power, zoom head, low cost but no High Speed sync. Also the interference with the PW is unknowns, or at least not tested.

The Nissin Di866 Mark II is close as it ticks all the boxes. Manual zoom head, high speed sync, relatively low cost, a lot of power,  but again the RF interference issue is a big mystery. Though this is the runner up in terms of my list.

I think the flash that does everything I want with tested low RF interference is the Canon 550EX. The comparability list on the PW website even states that this flash has low interference with their wireless ETTL trigger system. However they are hard to come by as they have been out of production since 2004 when they were superseded by the 580EX.

Since the Nissin flash can be had brand new, it does have it’s attractive side. I just have to research more the interference issues. For now I will scoop up whatever reasonably priced 550EXs I can find.

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