AF assist v2

I built a controller for the laser pointer (so it would be controlled by the camera’s hot show) as per the directions given on this post on fred miranda forums. The OpAmp I used was two LM741. However as I found out after I built the setup, the LM741 needs over 10V to power it, which is why I was having no success with that build.
My power source is 3AAA batteries (4.5V).

After some searching , I bought some LM358 op-amps, which will run on any voltaqge between 3-30V which should run just fine on 4.5V. Also, there are two op-amps in each 8pin chip, so I can make the board smaller.
I also bought a few NE5523 op-amps (which have the same pinout as the LM358) just so I have another option.

Below is a schematic of what I will be building later today:

6 thoughts on “AF assist v2

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  2. Ben

    Epic! I like how you even drew out the bread board connections.

    Nice schematic and simple explanation. I will definitely hafta try this one out!

    PS LM385’s are pretty much the best option for breadboard circuits like this. Robust, and will run with any power rail. Good choice!

  3. adrian Post author

    Thanks Ben,
    I finished building the thing last night, and it works great!
    Will post a more detailed article when I have some time.

    I actually omitted the capacitor C1, since I don’t have any issues with intermittent flickering. The article I got the schematics from suggested it as an option.

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