AF Assist tool – Version 2.x

The new version of the AF Assist tool will use a similar laser pointer but have the function of it be controlled by the camera and not the push button.

I know there is a pin on the hotshoe that gets energized by the 1/2 push of the camera shutter button. This is the AE-Lock feature of the camera. I know this because my wireless trigger has an LED on it which goes green at the half press of the shutter button. The LED goes red with a full shutter button press.

What I want to do is trigger the AF assist light to come on when the AE-Lock (1/2 press of shutter) button is pushed, and turn off the AF Assist light when not pushed.

The other thing I need is for the AF light to momentary go off when the flash is triggered so not to record the AF light into the image.

UPDATE : See this post for the first builds

2 thoughts on “AF Assist tool – Version 2.x

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  2. Dariusz Tarczon

    Hey 🙂

    I build something smilar for my Canon camera, but it working on AF led module from flash – not a laser 🙂

    And yes, in my project, AF assist light is controlled from body, just like in normal flash light with AF assist light 🙂

    I try find electronic scheme of my tool 🙂

    If you want more information, please send me email 🙂


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