AF Assist tool v3.0

To layout the expectations for the next AF assist tool. The last AF assist tool v2.0 had it’s weaknesses, and I will try to address some/all of those with the next tool.

Some of the changes from v2.0 to v3.0:
– Explore the use of other AF lights. Try lights with grids from existing flashes, near IR leds, (others) to achieve a pattern/light that is both not distracting to anyone and not very visible yet enables a DSLR to quickly focus.
– Follow and recreate some of the efforts out there to reverse engineer the ETTL protocol and use it to keep the tool on ONLY while the camera is focusing. The two sources for the reversed-engineered protocol are on and Bill Grundmann’s Blog. I’ve wanted a project for an Arduino, and this may be the one.


Some more efforts to create an AF assist light:

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