Hacking the Sigma EF-500 DG Super strobe : Sync port – part 2

In part one I described how I tapped into the electronics of my Sigma EF-500 DG Super to provide me with an access point to trigger the flash from a sync port.

In this post I will discuss how I added the actual sync port: physical mounting, and lessons learned.

What follows is my own documentation of what I did to my unit.I will not be responsible if you accidentally destroy your flash, or worse, hurt yourself: capacitors in the flash can hold their charge for a long time waiting for someone to poke them the wrong way.
WARNING: This hack will FOR SURE void your warranty. This hack also involves permanently modifying your unit. This hack involves a little soldering.

After looking at the flash internals for a bit (while looking for a suitable point to trigger the flash manually) I decided that the best place was on the foot of the flash. (later I found that it’s not really the best place, but I’ll get to that)

I drilled on the side of the foot, a 1/4″ hole to fit the 3.5mm mono headphone jack.

As I later discovered, this location is not ideal, since there is a mounting screw right above the sync port, and it makes it pretty much impossible to put that screw back in to put the flash back together fully.

Here are photos of the whole assembly : sync port connected to the optical sensor.

Well, that’s it. I just have to start using the flash more now, which is really the hard part!

11 thoughts on “Hacking the Sigma EF-500 DG Super strobe : Sync port – part 2

  1. Shadyman

    Excellent how-to. I’ve been hoping to do something like this for a while now, though especially for warranty purposes, I’d make something exterior to the flash, equivalent to an IR LED that is mounted outside the sensor housing (external to the flash) and can be removed for warranty purposes.

    I just found out that they can and will reflash the flash’s IC with new code if a new camera comes along that breaks functionality. Canon 50D, I’m looking directly at YOU.

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  3. Chris H.

    Hi! I can’t view the pictures that accompany this post. I’m thinking of modding this flash myself and would love to be able to see what you’re describing. Thanks!

  4. Rainy Pete

    I’ve got the wires all soldered up and I’m getting no response from the flash. Any tips or have I nuked the flash? It still fires the old fashioned way and with the test button so the flash circuit is living.

  5. F: Javier

    Great! Do you know if possible to cancel Stand-By Timer?
    Thanks for your time and attention.
    (Sorry for my English.)

  6. jack

    Just think twice before drilling. I have my DG 500 Super for 2 years. I both it new canon, t3 and ttl would not sync at all. I made a phone call to sigma, and they took my flash back for new update. I got my flash back in one week. It works perfect. there is however one issue. Once you will open your flash or modify it in any way, sigma has the right to reject your request,

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  9. Ben Speakman

    I realise this is an old post but is there any chance of getting the pictures back up. They don’t seem to be working. I typically live about 10 years behind everyone else. Thanks.


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