Setting up the WRT45GS for bittorrents

Read this to get the WRT45GS router stop slowing down from bittorrent access.

Also, to arrange for the router to prioritize (traffic shaping) packets, read this!!

Update 09 April 2006
The links above were just a start. I ended up going with the DD-WRT formware, since I really like the look of it.
Started tweaking with the settings above, but but to no avail. Ended up reading through the forum at DD-WRT, and did a search for “torrents” which yielded some good results.
In the end I don’t quite know what did it, but here’s the settings are they are now:
For QoS, DNS is Premium, Http is Express and bittorrent is Bulk. I left them using the default 7z protocol, which filters by packet header, as opposed to port. The port sertting for 7z is 0.
The other setting changed was the up and downlink speeds which were set to 450 and 1700 respectively. This seems to give me max torrent speeds of just shy of 200KB/s, and surfing from other machines on the LAN is a little slower, but still very usable. I don’t think my wife will complain. 🙂
Firewall is enabled, with only the “Block Anonymous Internet Requests” and “Filter IDENT (Port 113)” checked. I left the Multicast feature un-selected.
The other change I made has been the Max Ports and Timeout settings in the Administration/Management tab. They were set to 4096 ports and 90s timeouts.
From the links above, I also used the startup script quoten in the uTorrent FAQ site.

That’s it. I hope this works next time I need to set the router up.

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