Biking Videos

Just the other day I saw a video on  It was called “Invisile boards”. It’s a clip from a skateboarding movie called “Yeah Right”. it features boarders that ride on what seems to be … nothing… The skateboards have been painted gren and digitally removed.

Anyway this made me think about biking videos. All the videos I’ve seen have pretty standard shots.
I want to produce something that features more visually interesting shots.
One idea I have is to build a ring around that attaches to the bike, and have a camera on the ring that moves around the rider, as he’s riding, getting a 360degree view of the rider in action.

Another idea is to shoot the rider from a stable platform, and stabilize the video, having the bike be the anchor. So the rest of the world is moving and jiggling around, but the bike stays still at all times.

Another idea is to paint the rider green and to remove him from the scene (like the skateboards clip) and just show the action that only the bike sees.

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