Last night I got that lump in my throat that I occasionally get when I’m sick. Normally I chalk it up to being sick, but I mentioned it to my wife and she mentioned allergies. I never thought if that… I bet you that’s what it is! Come to think of it, this has happened a few weeks (maybe month and a half) ago, but didn’t think much of it.
The feeling is of a lump in my throat, and I salivate a lot.When I swallow it feels odd, and painfull. probably a restriction of my throat. My breathing is unaffected.
It muct be something I ate, so I’m gonna list everything I ate:

26 March 2006
Breakfast was a Nature Valley Cruncy granolla bar. The honey oats one I think. Oh, and drank some home made (from powder) gatorage.
For lunch we went to Licks’ and I had one Gobbler burger with lettuce, tomato, hot peppers (jalapeno as well as bannana peppers), mayo(their fancy mayo), and BBQ sauce. Also had a ceasar salad with cheese and crutons, and dressing. After that I finished my wife’s cheese burger (lettuce, tomato, mayo, cheese). There was about 1/5 of the burger left for me to have.
After lunch and visit to Moores, I came home. It was about 2pm. A few hours later I had an apple as a snack.
At around 5-6pm, I fired up the BBQ, and cooked 2 turkey burgers. Don’t know the brand, since they’ve been in the freezer since last summer. One pita bread (with a small dot of mold on it), and I had some natchos with some salsa (it was opened a while back, but there was no mold in it). On the burger I put generous spread of garlic honey mustard, and some ketchup.
While eating this I think I started noticing the symptoms.
Also noticed that drinking cold water makes the symptoms milder, so I had a few glasses or really cold waret, and some yougourt (from the fridge). They provided temporary relief.

27 March 2006
My wife and I were out today, and we stopped at a Wendey’s on the way back into TO. I had a spicy chicken sandwich, and a few sips of my wife’s Coke. About 1/2 hour later I started noticing some mild symptons of the same throat lump. The sandwich had the Spicy Chicken breast, lots of mayo, a tomato slice and lettuce.

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