Finishing the biggest website project…

…that I’ve even undertaken.
The new version of the Total Wellbeing Medical Spa website just got made live a couple of days ago.
I had to spend a little time cleaning up some CSS issues which looked messy in IE.
Now I need to continue with the upgrades to make it even slicker.

The original site I has designed for the spa was ok. But since it was a first on doing a fully database driven site, I may not have done things as elegantly as I could have.
Also the visual design was not very flattering.
So many revisions later, I had a web2.0 ish look I was happy with. But I didn’t stop there. I pretty much re-wrote the entire site from scratch, as well as doing the whole design purely in CSS. (to tables anywhere)

Things I still need to do:
– Fix and beautify the “Request an Appointment” and “Joint the mailing list” popups.
— Come up with nice style that integrates well with the rest of the site (colour wise)
— Speaking of this, I don’t really like the buttons that engage the popups. Too big. I also need that space for “specials”. Need to make the buttons smaller, and place them elsewhere?
— Automate the “Request an appointment” and “Join the mailing list” features
—— For “Request an appointment” add a calendar field asking for a preferred date, as well as what the appointment is for. Log the name, email address and phone number.
—— For the “Joint the mailing list” feature, log the name and email address in the database, and have an automated system where the spa staff fills out the information that’s meant to go out (on a form page) and the data gets distributed to all the mailing list users.
– Need to fix the footer… Currently it’s not that elegant. Functional ,but not pretty.
I also want to add a short blurb in the footer that gives the location, so that search engines can cross link the location and the content of the page.
– Speaking of search engines, the front page needs to have a better description that outlines pretty much everything that the spa can do, essentially combining all the key words required by a search engine into one location.
– Also for the front page, remove the image of the building, and place something more soothing… and move the building image to the image gallery.
– Images should be referenced as numbers. Change the database so that all the images are called up numerically from the DB. This should allow for easy manipulation/replacing of site images. Also should help in the admin frontend of content editing.

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