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kvm localized virtual desktops

I read something interesting the other day. Running multiple VMs, on the same computer; the catch is that they are all running on the same desktop (not headless) sharing one display. The term is “kvm localized virtual desktops”.

The place I read this was the UnRaid blog, talking about KVM integration into the UnRaid 6 system (SOURCE).

Since OpenSuSE has tools and support for kvm, I shall try this.

It would be interesting to run linux and windows and not have to dual boot, and have access to the same GPU from both OSs.

space usage

Recently came across one of my linux VM machines that ran out of disk space. But where did all the space go? What ate it up?

du -h <dir> | grep ‘[0-9\.]\+G’

This will list a sorted view of the foles/folders from largest to smallest.