Bacula and webmin setup

Tried to install Bacula on webmin. After a bit of fussing, got everything squared and working. Shame there’s no list of dependencies; anyway, here it is for OpenSuse 11.4.

Assuming Webmin is working.
To install bacula, need to add a new repository

zypper ar

Install the packages bacula, bacula-director-common, bacula-storage-mysql, bacula-console

The bacula package is faulty (source). in #/usr/sbin need to replace the zero size files bacula-dir, bcopy, bscan and dbcheck with their .mysql counterpart by doing something like this for all the files:

#ln -s bacula.mysql bacula

Add mysql by installing these packages mysql-community-server,  mysql-community-server-client

Also need DBD::mysql perl package. for which we’lll need another repository installed:

zypper ar

Install the package perl-DBD-mysql

Now need to configure mysql. Set my mysql root password with this:

/usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password <choose your password to put here>

Then while logged in as root, run

#mysql –password=<password set above>

and create database in mysql by typing “create database bacula;” while in mysql.

In Webmin, add the root sql password to the bacula config screen. Change the user from bacula to root.



Still not working.

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