Things fix/finish around the house

caulking in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom
replace burnt bulbs throughout the house
– fix trim in kitchen and dispose of it
– sand and paint radiator covers
–> need to buy some paintbrushes
– finish front step (apply the product to the right side)
–>now need work on smaller areas that require attention.
–> Need to find another product (garage floor paint?) to cover up the steps.
– stain coat rack in front hall
– frost front bedroom window
– frost baby bedroom window above change table

– finish master bedroom -> closet, paint, baseboards, fix hole
– finish basement fireplace surround
– put up suspended ceiling in basement
–>need 20+20 cross Tees, and 5 wall railings. Total sq.footage is 360 sq-ft.
–> install panels.
– paint railing in front of house
– get a latch for the door to the furnace room
– install an ethernet connection to the spare bedroom.

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