ISP Server Setup

And since the server machine will be used as a internet server as well as a local file/video/audio server, I was happy to come accross this link:
ISP Server Setup SuSE 10.0

On Page 4, after typing
openssl genrsa -des3 -rand /etc/hosts -out smtpd.key 1024 I get asked to enter a pass key for smtpd.key. I used: Outsider’s Domain
After the next few lines are entered from that HowTo, a whole bunch of personal data is aksed. For the Challange Password I used: digital
After a few more entered lines, the PEM pass phrase is: Outsider’s Domain

On to the Apache2 install… on the second batch of install files (the big list) YaST told me it couldn’t find imap-lib-2004c_suse-2.i586.. False alarm… Clicked re-try, and all is well.

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